About Us


Stay True provides a convenient and innovative online tutoring solution for tertiary and higher education students.

Our highly personalised learning environments are designed to help support, motivate and coach students towards achieving better educational outcomes.

We offer students the opportunity to connect with a qualified and professional academic who has had extensive teaching experience in the Australian higher education arena. Each tutorial takes place through an online video-sharing session.

Our tutoring is tailored to your individual needs and always takes place in a safe, inclusive and friendly online space!


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“Stay True has been a great source of help for me academically, giving me accurate feedback and support on my work. Evvie has helped me to improve my essays.”
— Nadia Alina

“Evvie is a fantastic academic! She has a great attitude when it comes to helping students with their assessments. She provides very clear and detailed feedback whenever you need an assignment to be reviewed. I highly recommend her services to any student who is in need of academic help and wants to improve their grades.”
— Ana Vethencourt

“Evvie Smith is a well-balanced teacher playing both the role of a teacher and someone who is approachable to talk to about anything.”
— Nicolas Papadimitriou

Meet Some Of Our Academic Staff...


Loren Fox


Loren Fox has completed a Bachelor of Early Childhood (Child and Family Studies) and a Master of Teaching (Birth-12 years) at the University of Western Sydney. After her studies, Loren went on to teach in a variety of public primary schools in the Western Sydney area for two years. One role included teaching small groups of 5-8 children who required additional support or extension classes. Loren now teaches in an early childhood setting and is the Early Childhood Teacher/Room Leader in the 3-5 years room.

Andrew Shortell


Andrew has been a teacher for thirty years. He has marked VCE exams since 1990 in Software Development, Informatics, Multimedia and Mathematics. Andrew has co-authored two textbooks in Computing and ICT. He has contributed to the VCE Study Designs in two different areas (Computing and Multimedia) and has written significant resource material for teaching these subjects.Andrew has taught Computing, Multimedia, Science, Chemistry, Junior and Senior Mathematics and Robotics. He has also worked part time in RMIT TAFE as an instructor in Cert IV and Cert III in IT.Andrew has also been a sessional lecturer to Business faculty students in Computing at RMIT up to 3rd Year level.Andrew has worked in a variety of systems across a range of schools and understands how to build from the basic knowledge to a deeper understanding of content and skills. His extensive experience in exam marking and writing means that he knows what needs to be learnt and what needs to be shown to be successful at all levels of schooling.

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Dr. Evvie Smith


Evvie is a PhD graduate with an extensive career in the higher education sector. Evvie has worked both as a researcher and lecturer at Western Sydney University and RMIT Online. Her key strengths are in the areas of innovative teaching and curriculum design. She is the proud owner of ‘Stay True Stay You’ and believes passionately in promoting safe, supportive and fun learning environments. Her areas of expertise are sociology, English, and social sciences. Evvie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Class One Honours) and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) .



Founder and Director Dr. Evvie Smith talks about Stay True Stay You

Stay True Business Workshops


Our business workshops focus not only on public speaking, motivation and team building strategies, but also in helping to better prepare workplaces on how to embrace diversity and difference. Each workshop is designed specifically to provide participants with new and informed ways of thinking about their colleagues. The aim of our equity and diversity training is to promote a positive image around people of difference to foster healthier and more functional workplace relationships. We believe our workshops assist in increasing productivity and cohesiveness through understanding.

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