Keeping YOU Fresh: How To Kick-start Your Study Mojo!

It’s that time of the year again. There is a back-to- school buzz in the air and your inner nerd is getting its fix. It might be your first week back at university, or your first month back at school. You undoubtedly have your new stationery on hand, a new diary ready to go (because I know you read my last blog, right?) and you probably have a new haircut or outfit ready to show off. This excitement is healthy, and you need to make that excitement your new best friend. This sounds easy, but, we all know how excitement can quickly fade (almost as fast as that new colour you just put in your hair). So, how do you keep your study mojo and why is it important? Well, aside from wanting to do well in your studies, feelings of excitement can be harnessed, making us more productive and therefore enabling us to use our time more efficiently. Through this energy, we are spurred on to do things, like complete our homework or to make sure we finish an assignment well before its due. So, how do you Stay Trooper, maintain this productivity? Well, its about keeping it fresh. Here are my top three tips to keeping it fresh and keeping your study mojo rolling on!

1. Keep Study Fresh


Try to think of ways to maximize your time by adding in new routines or methods to your study. Is there a new app or a new program you could download to help you get things done faster or more efficiently? (Currently, I would recommend Microsoft ‘To Do’, it’s a simple and clean app that lets you create tasks and tick them off as you go!). Or, you could try studying or completing your assessments in a new location like the local café, park or library for example. This gets you out of the house and into the fresh air, thereby increasing your energy. Try to change things up and keep your study habits exciting, otherwise learning will inevitably become a bore. Keep your study environment and your learning tools as fresh as they can be and your mojo might remain intact just that little bit longer than you expected.


2. Keep Yourself Fresh


We are human beings, and without nourishment, we lose motivation (even your indoor plants need a bit of sprucing up from time to time). Make sure you stay as healthy as you can throughout the school or university term by taking steps to ensure that you are looking after YOU! I know that when a tonne of assignments come in, the first thing to go is usually our health. Make sure you always get as much sleep as you can, socialise within your limits, and put things in your body that will make your energy last for as long as possible. Always carry a bottle of water with you, whether it be in your bag, or at your study desk. You need to keep hydrated and eating well so that your brain can run at its best! You will be able to work for longer periods of time without having to leave your computer in a desperate search for supplies. Chocolate and chips are a quick fix (and taste awesome), but they will leave you feeling drained and tired. Water and healthy snacks are two of the best ways to helping keep you fresh and focused.


3. Keep the goal fresh


Remember why you are at school, or why you are enrolled in a degree. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and remind yourself that you will get there. Persistence pays off. Tell yourself what you want to do after your studies, and how you will do it. Place your goal well at the forefront of your mind. By keeping the dream alive, your flame will never burn out.

Dr Evvie Smith