Frequently asked questions for students


Q. Is Stay True Stay You online or face to face? 


A. For tutoring students our classes take place only online. For our Business Workshops we are predominantly face-to-face, however we can arrange to facilitate workshops online as well.


Q. Is Stay True Stay You an Australian Business?

A. Yes. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

Q. For the Assignment Dump what is the usual turnaround time for receiving it back? 


A. Usually 24-48 hours, although we do have an express option for full written feedback within 12 hours at an additional cost of $24.95. 


Q. Does Stay True have Tutors for all courses? 


A. We cover most areas for university and college related degrees. 


Q. What happens in the initial consult? 


A. In the initial consult, your tutor will get to know you and work out what help you need in order to create a personalised tutoring plan. Our tutors will also explain how your online session will run.  


Q. Are the Tutors always the same or are they different each time? 


A. That depends on how you feel with your tutor and what suits your needs. At Stay True we want to make sure that you get the most out of your learning experience. We try to keep our Stay Troopers with one tutor for the duration of their subscription as we believe that building lasting relationships is key to your success!


Q. What is included in the equity and diversity training?


A. Our equity and diversity training is one of the aspects covered in our Business Workshops. Our workshops focus not only on public speaking, motivation and team building but also in strategies to help equip workplaces to deal with diversity and difference. Each workshop is designed specifically to provide participants with new and informed ways of thinking about their colleagues (with a specific focus on GLBTIQ, indigenous or disabled persons). The aim of our equity and diversity training is to promote a positive image around people with a difference in order to foster healthier and more functional workplace relationships. We believe our workshops assist in increasing workplace productivity and cohesiveness through understanding.