Frequently asked questions for students


Q. Is Stay True Stay You only online or face to face? 


A. We are online only for our tutoring subscriptions and both online and face-to-face for our Business Workshops. 


Q. For the Assignment Dump what is the usual turnaround time for receiving it back? 


A. Usually 24-48 hours although we do have an express option for an additional fee of $49.95 for 6-12 hours.  


Q. Does Stay True have Tutors for all courses? 


A. We specialise in Maths, English and Science tutoring for Primary and High School Students, and we cover most areas for university related courses.  


Q. What happens in the initial consult? 


A. In the initial consult, your tutor will get to know you and what you need in order to create a personalised tutoring plan. In the consultation your tutor will also explain to you what is included in your subscription and how your online sessions will run.  


Q. Is Stay True for High School students and Primary School students or for College/University students? 


A. We cater for all students from early childhood right through to adulthood. Our tutoring packages include primary, high school and university subscriptions. We also cater to professionals and teachers for our business workshops. 


Q. Are the Tutors always the same or are there different tutors? 


A. That depends on how you feel with the tutor and what suits your needs so that you can get the best learning experience possible. We try to keep our Stay Troopers with one tutor for the duration of their subscription. 


Q. How does the loyalty program work? 


A. If you have signed up to one of our subscriptions which gives you access to the loyalty program, you can receive credit for each successful referral who also joins. For each friend you refer (and who signs up) you will receive 10% off your next months subscription package (valid for that month only). There is no limit to the number of the friends that you can sign up, so if you sign up 10 friends in the same calendar month you could potentially receive one months free subscription (how awesome is that?!). 


Q. How many packages does Stay True have? 


A. We have two package levels for each study level Primary School/ High School & University/College. We also have two types of business workshops - Half Day or Full Day. In all we have a total of six tutoring packages which are on a month to month basis and two Business Workshops (one offs). 


Q. What is included in the monthly newsletters? 


A. We talk about how things are going at Stay True, updates about Amber (our class pet) and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. We also give education news and images/stories relating to the Stay True team (including tutors and students).  


Q. How does the report card work? 


A. The report card will be emailed to you at the end of each month (if this is included in your subscription). It will let you (or your guardian) know about your strengths, weaknesses and your improvement overall. The report card is only designed to get the best out of our students and to report on your success (don't worry, they are not like the ones you might receive at school). You might even get a personalised short video update from your tutor.  


Q. Do you have any one-off products? 


A. Yes we do, we have online courses and the Assignment Dump where you can receive quick feedback either through video-conferencing or via email for any help you might need with an assessment or your studies in general. Please see the Products tab on our website and scroll to the bottom for more information.