Frequently asked questions for students


Q. For the assignment dump what is the usual turnaround time of receiving it back?

A. Within 24 hours although we do have an express option for an additional fee.


Q. Does Stay True have tutors for all courses?

A. Yes we do.


Q.  What happens in the initial consult?

A. The initial consult we have a chat get to know each other and explain what happens and let you know how everything operates.


Q. Is Stay True for high school students and younger primary school students?

A. All! Yep, we cater for all needs.


Q. Are the tutors always the same or are there different tutors?

A. That depends on how you feel with the tutor and what suits your needs, so you can get the best learning experience possible.


Q. How does the webinar session work in group sessions or one on one?

A. Through the webinar session you will get your own personalised tutor that will help with essay writing, structure, spelling, discussion, feedback and going through your assignment in detail.  


Q.  If I refer a friend or friends is there a loyalty program or can I get credit for each successful referral?

A. Yes there is credit for each successful referral that joins. For the Personal Package each friend you refer you get $10 off and there is no limit on who you can refer so if you can get up to 8 people off that’s $80 off and for The Top Of The Class Package each referral is $25 off.


Q. How many Packages does Stay True have?

A. We have three package deals at the moment they are Accelerate Package, Personal Package and Top Of The Class Package.


Q.  What kind of things are in the monthly newsletter?

A. We talk about how things are going at Stay True, updates about Amber the classroom pet and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.


Q. How does the report card work?

A. The report card will be given to you after each session, and it lets you know how you are going with the subject.


Q. Can I call my tutor directly?

A. If you are in The Top Of The Class Package yes you can, otherwise you can always contact your Tutor if need be.


Q. Is Stay True Stay You only on online or Face to Face?

A. We are online only.